Disasters Spark Charitable Giving Motivations

On February 6, 2023, earthquakes in the northern Middle East brought growing accounts of devastation. While the full extent of loss remains unknown, the area is in crisis. Communities have been decimated and years of rebuilding may be needed in some locales.

Witnessing a natural disaster motivates many to reflect on our good fortune and donate to recovery efforts. Knowing where to make a difference in foreign countries such as Turkey and Syria can be difficult to pinpoint. Fortunately, several US nonprofits partner with international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and can help funnel charitable donations to vetted partners that can address immediate relief and long-term recovery.

For people motivated to alleviate the suffering caused by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Give2Asia has established the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Response Fund to channel support to vetted NGO partners. Global Giving’s campaign for Turkey and Syria also lists the on-the-ground partners who will benefit from donated funds. The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) also has its Turkey and Syria Earthquake Fund. In addition, CDP provides consulting and technical assistance for foundations and philanthropists that seek deeper impact through their support of disaster recovery.

For those of us who prefer to give directly to a charity rather than through an intermediary, Doctors without Borders is aiding in response to this disaster with a long track record of providing support in past crises. World Central Kitchen and Mercy Chefs provide earthquake victims and relief workers with healthy meals. Richmond-headquartered ChildFund is working with a team based in Aleppo focused on helping children in this disaster.

While humanitarian crisis caused by natural disaster is inevitable and unpredictable, Heritage is here to help you navigate your charitable giving. Do not hesitate to reach out if we can assist with research and due diligence. As always, our hearts go out to all affected by this terrible crisis.


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