Foundations & Endowments

At Heritage Wealth Advisors, we know how to build things that last. Stability and continuity lay the foundation for your organization to make a lasting impact. With decades of experience working hands-on with nonprofit foundations and endowments, we help you advance your mission year over year.

We’ve seen firsthand how board turnovers and shifting goals can disrupt long-term investment strategies, and we also understand why outsourcing your organization’s financial future can be intimidating. As your OCIO, we work alongside your nonprofit, not apart from it. We seek to be a constant, entirely dedicated to nurturing growth and fostering continuity so you can focus on what matters most.

We identify your investment objectives and purpose alongside you, keeping your organization’s big picture at the heart of our conversations.

We tag in our experienced team to strategize in accordance with your organization’s big picture, becoming intimately familiar with your cause.

We commit to the longevity of your organization, becoming a source of historical knowledge, advocating for continued growth while mitigating risk.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

Our team is capable and equipped to empower your organization with comprehensive investment management strategies so you can focus on your core mission and objectives.

Continuity & Consistency

We assist the board in reviewing and updating the organization’s investment policy statement and investment guidelines to serve as a foundation that the organization can continue to build from.

Strategic Guidance

We work hands-on with your board, ensuring all members understand the implications of different investment decisions on long-term sustainability and risk adjustment.

Managing Risk

We assess and manage investment risks, including market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk, providing insight into the impact of different risk factors to mitigate them effectively.

See Our Process
In Action

In this case study, we demonstrate what multigenerational family planning looks like and highlight how Heritage helped a family achieve a financial plan catered to the needs of multiple generations.

As our client’s portfolio and family expanded, so did our responsibility and relationship with the client’s extended family, empowering them to achieve financial success and wealth conservation through four generations.

Meet the Team Upholding Your Organization’s Mission

Your purpose is our passion. Meet the team of financial experts who can help you grow, protect and share your wealth.


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