Family Office

Managing a family’s wealth and well-being.

We are experienced in all aspects of the Family Office, guided by a deep understanding of each client’s goals and purpose. We oversee, support, and direct other members of the professional team to deliver the highest level of performance, service, and attention to detail.

Our Approach

Our extensive approach considers all aspects of a family’s wealth, and we are adept at working across generations to create strategies to meet the goals of all.

We appreciate family dynamics. Our holistic approach considers all aspects of a family’s wealth, and we are adept at working across generations to create strategies to meet the goals of all. Confidentiality is absolute, including among family members. As a family’s lifelong partner, we support decision-making that maintains family legacy wishes and principles, while proactively managing affairs when changes are called for and as opportunities arise.

Whether your family’s wealth derives from a closely held business, concentrated public market stock, art, real estate or other unique circumstance, we take into account the nature of these assets in determining your wealth strategy.

Alternative investments have the potential to enhance risk-adjusted returns in terms of growth, income and diversification, and we are skilled at evaluating and implementing private market assets. For example, our family office clients have a greater ability to embrace illiquidity to enhance potential return and private assets.

Charitable giving can define your legacy while also providing benefits to your estate and the community. Our team works with you to manage your philanthropy, whether through charitable trusts and donor-advised funds, or your private family foundation. We can support you in articulating and achieving your goals for giving so you can maximize your charitable impact.

Multi-generational families have their own unique needs across varying levels of financial acumen. We collaborate across generations, as necessary, from the basics to the most complex situations. Coaching can take place in larger family meetings, or as intimate as one-on-one.

No detail is too small — our team can manage your finances and simplify your life by paying bills, processing payroll, preparing customized financial reports, and managing banking solutions.

See Our Process
In Action

At Heritage Wealth Advisors, we know that navigating wealth transfer within multiple familial generations can be challenging. After all, you want to ensure that the wealth you’ve worked hard to accumulate is put to good use and is used in line with your personal and family values.

In this case study, we demonstrate what multigenerational family planning looks like and highlight how Heritage helped a family achieve a financial plan catered to the needs of multiple generations.

Our job is about putting in place a strategy that will stand the test of time.