Forward-thinking strategies to help you give back.

You want to make a difference in your community, but you also want to maximize the impact of your generosity by making smart financial decisions.

With affluence comes influence. We help you create an intentional legacy by guiding your philanthropic decisions to truly resonate with who you are and what you believe in.

We can foster your philanthropic purpose by:

  • Working with you to understand your short- and long-term giving goals
  • Optimizing your impact through cost-effective and tax-efficient strategies
  • Establishing charitable trusts to help you fulfill philanthropic goals
  • Incorporating philanthropy into your estate planning and tax management

Foundation for Financial Independence

The Foundation for Financial Independence (FFI) is a private grantmaking foundation created in 2021 with the mission to support access to financial literacy and wealth building tools for people from low-income communities.

FFI Committee & The Foundation Fund (2023)

Through funds donated by Heritage Wealth Advisors, FFI will continue to award grants to nonprofits that provide financial education, employment coaching, and other services that build wealth and financial strength.

FFI Committee & Neighbor Resource Center (2022)

Foundation for Financial Independence

I hope our foundation serves as an example that any business, whatever the size, can decide to make meaningful investments in our community.

– Dee Ann Remo