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Virginia’s New Electronic Tax Payment Requirement

Virginia has recently passed legislation with a new requirement for certain tax payments. Starting July 1, 2018, taxpayers who make estimated tax payments must submit all income tax payments electronically if:

  • Any installment payment of estimated tax exceeds $7,500 or
  • Any payment made for an extension of time to file exceeds $7,500 or
  • The total income tax due in any taxable year beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2018 exceeds $30,000.

If you make estimated payments and any of the thresholds apply, you must make all future income tax payments after July 1, 2018 electronically. This includes all estimated payments beginning September 15, 2018; extension payments; and any amounts due when the return is filed.

There are several ways to pay estimated taxes electronically:

  • Online, directly from your bank account
  • ACH Credit
  • Credit or debit card (additional fees apply)

For additional payment details visit the Virginia Tax website at the following link:

Payment Options

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