Success Stories

We are proud of the successes we have had with our clients and invite you to learn more about some of the solutions that have been provided by Heritage Wealth Advisors.


Case Study #1: Educational Forum for the Fourth Generation of a Family Business

In order to ensure that all key parties were informed about the financial state of the business (and the family) Heritage Wealth Advisors held a private educational forum. We prepared and presented information concerning the current state of the business, financial implications of various decisions, and a look at the future. The result: all parties involved in the business shared a common understanding and found comfort in the "financial plan." They were also better prepared to contribute to the success of the collective business strategy moving forward. Our client was grateful to have an objective and thorough advocate involved - and extremely satisfied that our goal of including and informing key stakeholders was successfully completed.


Case Study #2: Charitable Client Created Donor Advised Fund

A charitably minded client was struggling to determine the best approach for philanthropic giving in the near-term and for the future. Heritage Wealth Advisors researched various options for structuring a customized system for giving, resulting in the creation of a Donor Advised Fund for this individual. Giving has now become a streamlined and efficient process - leaving more time for actual involvement with the organizations the client is deeply committed to supporting.


Case Study #3: Insurance Evaluation and Structure to Benefit Family for Generations

Our client was concerned that their existing insurance policies may not have been adequate (or appropriate) for the financial future they were striving to create for their family. Heritage Wealth Advisors conducted an independent and objective evaluation of the families' existing policies and coverage. During the process, we identified more cost effective solutions for the client and recommended structures that would better benefit future generations.


Case Study #4: Retiring Executive Looking to Diversify and Preserve Assets

Upon retirement, this successful Executive was concerned about how to successfully shift their position of concentrated wealth into a more diversified portfolio - in a way that would be beneficial immediately and for the next generation of family members. Heritage Wealth Advisors worked carefully to research options and alternatives designed to satisfy the specific, and sophisticated, needs of our client and his family. The result was a well planned portfolio - structured for success in the decades to come.


Case Study #5: Proactive Management of Alternative Minimum Tax

Frustrated that they could not find an advisor willing to really manage the issue of Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), our client came to Heritage Wealth Advisors in search of some guidance on how best to mitigate the risks and common misunderstandings about AMT. We proactively set a strategy to help our client think about, prepare and plan for AMT and properly positioned their portfolio to take advantage of the benefits we discovered. While AMT management is often contrary to conventional wisdom our relationship and the trust established allowed Heritage Wealth Advisors to make a meaningful contribution to the financial well being of our client - who now partners with us to deal with and manage AMT on an ongoing and proactive basis.


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